Retail Store Mural


Small Cakes was looking for artwork to spruce up their store. We asked: what if the artwork could do more than pretty up the place, but generate more traffic? Challenge accepted.

The owner of the store, supported by research, indicated the primary reason for most cupcake purchasing is to celebrate an event or milestone. So, we showed numerous examples using our new Cupcake Kids characters to demonstrate all kinds of celebratory events to influence and inspire the customers, then asked them what they were celebrating.

A QR code on the artwork provided easy access to Small Cakes social media channels where they could post their stories of celebration. The mural offered a beautiful backdrop for those popular "Instagrammable moments" (see below). Any post was rewarded with a Small Cakes discount on their next purchase.

All cupcake characters were designed exclusively for this assignment. Take a look at out Brand Character Design section for more details.

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