our process

Below are the steps used when creating a project. Steps will vary depending on what type of project we're developing. By adhering to these steps and maintaining diligence with the information gathered, we can be sure this journey is as easy and stress free for you as possible.


Our first introductory meeting will be to get to know each other. Tell some stories and laugh a little. Idealily, this would be in-person, but a zoom call meeting works almost as well. Here we’ll understand exactly what you're looking for and chat about possible solutions. We’ll come armed with questions and snacks to make the meeting as memorable as possible.


The first meeting will flood our brains with ideas, often during our listening meeting. Eventually, these ideas need to come out. This can be a little messy, and not for the faint of heart. Hardened creatives can handle this step as we’ve spent years developing a thick skin. Not all ideas are good, but every idea is shared and vital to this very important stage.

Map it Out

After the brainstorm dust settles, we'll have great ideas to share. Of course, all great ideas need to be accompanied with a clear visual. We understand many people need to see a beautiful image to better understand an overarching concept, so we dial up our presentation art and explore a little design in these early stages. Every project will come with a complete and thorough evaluation of current trends and styles to ensure all stakeholders are comfortable in our reasons and direction, no matter the assignment. By taking these early design steps, you will have a clearer understanding on how your project is unfolding, and allow your input to help mold the project to better reflect your vision and set the course for the design stage.


All presented material will funnel into our design stage. For any websites or apps, we'll implement high end prototyping tools to provide functional prototypes of your project. All members of our group will work together to fine-tune all copy, photography, illustrations or animations, and we'll offer multiple rounds of revisions to ensure your project is exactly what you want. All work produced at Birch is guaranteed to be 100% original and, if needed, a variety of licensing options are available for your consideration. Approval of the overall design and content is made during this stage. While the design is set, adjustments and tweaks will occur during the production or development phase.

Production & Development

Once the designs are signed off on, we'll hunker down and develop your project to a finished state. Depending on the assignment, this can take a few days to several months. Either way, we'll be sure to give status reports along the way so you're fully aware of where things are at. Who likes to be left in the dark? Nobody.

Reviews & Testing

Nearing the completion of any project, there are several steps involved prior to a project turnover. For any design work, we offer several rounds of reviews and will provide as many revisions as needed to ensure your project is exactly what you were expecting. Printed assignments will have proofs to inspect and sign-offs provided prior to any print runs. For any website or interactive digital assignment, testing will run at the end of development to catch all the bugs. Bugs tend to be everywhere initially, but we're great at tracking them down, leaving your site running smoothy.


After thorough reviews, testing and approvals, your new project is ready to turn over. We'll handle any third party printing and shipping of materials, or hosting for digital. If a website features a CMS, we offer a training session so you'll know how to manage your website's content moving forward. On going maintenance packages can be arranged.