Electronic Control Board Manufacturer

Elan Industries

In addition to creating Elan's new identity, we designed and developed their new website. Elan designs and produces electronic control boards for many of the leading commercial and residential kitchen appliance manufacturers. In addition to updating the visuals, they were looking to streamline the site and prompt viewers to call.

Our philosophy: take every opportunity to showcase your business in a different light, and provide the unexpected. While showing new viewers that Elan is a manufacturer of control boards was important, doing so in a way that makes the viewer see Elan as a different player in this space was equally important. The dramatic homepage did just that, prompting further exploration.

For their product section (shown below) we chose not show their electronic control boards, but rather the equipment their products were in and appeal to a broader audience. Considering the number of manufacturers the Elan controls are in, approvals and logistics for a photo shoot were off the table. Solution: create generic 3D models for all equipment categories. Simple.

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From the homepage, all product thumbnail images are directed to a product detail page giving prospective new clients more information on what type of contributions were made by Elan for that product category. Detailed specifications were giving along with additional supporting visuals of the specific products. Direct links to contact sales were given on every page.

Elan's IOT offers a robust system that monitors several key functions within multiple appliances, all with impressive speed and accurate, dependable results. To visualize this complexity, a simple image was needed. This image was designed to tell the story quickly and engage conversation.

Watchvariables™ is a very powerful tool Elan has developed which offers their clients a collaborative opportunity to fine-tune their new controls with exacting perfection. Clear understanding of how this technology works was important.