Government Public Relations Training Academy

PAST Fusion Academy

PAST Fusion Academy, as a division of Argonne National Laboratory, is an organization that specializes in training government PIO's in crisis communication. The website homepage connects to potential clients in three simple slides: Issue - address their concerns . Solution - Explain the benefit of their courses . Results - Reassure the process is effective.

Issue - Knowing when or what type of crisis will present any organization in unknown. Getting caught unprepared is exactly what the PAST Fusion Academy guards against. Showing a crisis scene for the first slide of the homepage sets the tone for what all Public Information Officers do - Address an issue.

Solution - The academy offers extensive training for all aspects of PIO communications. Showing a training official contained within the box highlights what the solution is - their professionally trained staff.

Results - The slide show ends with a continuation of the same graphic treatment where we're highlighting the benefit of the training program - The PIO and his or her new ability to effectively communicate during a crisis.